“was gettin’ some head head Gettin’, gettin’ some head I was wit the kinda girl that make ya toes pop Super head what’s good? Super head what’s good? Super head”

The first fight is almost as important as the first kiss.  Where the first kiss sets the tone on if there will be a future relationship, the first fight will either send you down the yellow brick road for swiping (because along the online dating track you for sure will end up seeing munchkins, a cowardly lion, a tin man with no heart, and plenty of scarecrows with no brain) or make you stronger (but if I’m making Wizard of Oz references, wasn’t it SHOES that got Dorothy what she wanted? Glinda the Good Witch didn’t wave a wand to get a man to appear.) CS and I had our first major fight that dragged on for three days.  The fight began because of something he said after the first time I gave him a good finisher.   He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met, so him to say something like he did without thinking made me wonder: do we, as women, have superpowers that turn a man’s brain to mush as soon as we drain them? Turns out, we kinda do.

I found an article regarding how a man’s brain changes after orgasm. A group of scientists scanned men’s brains both before and during orgasm and found that his cerebral cortex (the actual thinking area above their shoulders) shuts down during and about fifteen minutes after orgasm due to chemical release (Daily mail reporter, 2012). Which also makes me wonder could this be a reasoning behind the expression of fucking someones brains out. Also in today’s biology research, I learned that when men are dehydrated, their jizz is thicker.  Meaning, we give ourselves huge pats on the back thinking “Wow, I could really teach a class in this shit. I’m going to enter the porno Olympics and win a gold in blow jobs!”, but it has nothing at all to do with our performance.

So I guess we should cut them some slack. I guess that blood truly does rush to the dick….



Daily Mail Reporter. 2012. Too Tired For Pillow Talk: The Reason Men Don’t Talk After Sex. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2177158/Sorry-darling-I-just-help-How-scientists-real-reason-men-fall-asleep-sex.html 

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