11/13 & 11/14/2017

Ha! Love reading this chica’s stories. I don’t feel quite so alone in my quests.


Dale Davis

According to his profile, Dale was a sole proprietor (this turns out to be outdated info), owned his own house, didn’t have kids or want any (I’m listening), and there was a “very good reason for this.”

Within a few exchanges, he asked me to verify I did not have kids. I confirmed. He asked if I wanted any. “Nope.” He replied with a, “good me neither.” Followed by a, “can’t have them anyway.” I proceeded to ask if that was the “very good reason” to which he replied he would share more if this progressed. Soon after he asked if I wanted to meet as he was better with face to face than chatting online. I agreed. We made plans to meet for dinner the following evening.


We met in a town centrally located between both of us, the same town where good ol’ Ryan lives…

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